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About the Design Lab

The Design Lab builds capacity for change.

We move schools from possibility to reality.

What We Do

We help you define and design for the learner experience at your school.

Academic programs must become more learner-centered. Schools that prioritize equity and access, promote flexibility and personalization, and expand learning beyond the bounds of a physical building or daily schedule will best prepare their students for the future.

The Design Lab translates GOA’s decade of experience building a world-class online learning program into a suite of products and services that empower school leaders to achieve three key goals:

  1. Develop a vision and strategy for a learner-centered academic program.

  2. Design learning experiences to support that vision.

  3. Adopt reliable and research-based practices for assessing those programs.

We specialize in high-quality online and hybrid learning, competency-based learning, and learner-centered curriculum and pedagogy. Our services and products ensure your approach includes the vision, systems, and tools you need to fulfill an institutional vision for learning.

What We Believe

Success in school should look like success in the world beyond it.

GOA created the Design Lab to bring our expertise to school leaders who lead academic programs. The ways we can enhance or even reimagine the school experience are numerous, but the intention and impact of those changes will look different from school to school. The Design Lab offers products and services that guide school leaders from vision to strategy to design to implementation, ensuring that evolution of academic programs is mission-aligned, research-based, and learner-centered.

Who We Work With

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