The Competency-Based Learning Toolkit

Move from theory to practice

The CBL Toolkit empowers teams of educators to design for mastery and personalized learning.

How to develop competency-based curriculum

The traditional time-based, content-driven school experience is no longer a fit for our skills-based, quickly-evolving world. Competency-based education prioritizes personalized learning environments that support mastery of the skills students need to succeed college, career, and life.

The CBL Toolkit helps educators and schools make five essential shifts necessary for competency-based learning:

  • From content-driven to skills-driven
  • From time-based to performance-based
  • From lessons to experiences
  • From grading to feedback
  • From teacher-designed to co-designed

Based on GOA's years of research and work with students and educators, the CBL Toolkit offers a hands-on approach to mastering these shifts in a thoughtful, strategic way.

Purchase the CBL Toolkit

Each toolkit comes in a custom box that includes the Competency-Based Learning Handbook, an Activities Guide, a set of 50 Reflection/Experience cards, and a display poster. Each toolkit costs $75.00, which includes shipping in the United States. Orders of ten toolkits or more receive a 15% discount. For shipments outside the U.S., we will calculate shipping as a separate charge.

Design Tool for Competency-Based Education

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