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GOA is offering a limited number of CBL professional learning partnerships for schools and learning organizations who want to use the toolkit to adopt competency-based learning.

Why competency-based learning? Why now?

The traditional design of school as a time-based, content-driven experience may not be a fit for the skills-based, quickly-evolving world we are preparing students for. Adopting CBL recognizes that helping students build lifelong learning skills suited to a modern world should be at the heart of the school experience.

The relative newness of CBL has resulted in various names for it: mastery-based, proficiency-based, personalized, transdisciplinary, etc. No matter what we call it, adopting skills-based modes of learning requires reviewing, reflecting on, and often reimagining the use of space and time, the roles of teachers and students, and the ways learning is demonstrated and assessed.

How Partnership Works

GOA's approach focuses on collaborating with you to design the best possible professional learning experiences.

  • We work with your school calendar. We customize the dates to work with the leadership team and/or school-based teams such as departments or grade level teams.
  • We work in person and online. We kick off with an in person visit to your school, then work both online and in person with the team throughout the year.
  • We come to you. The partnership includes up to four in person visit days to work with leadership team and/or educators in the 2019-20 academic year.
  • We have experience. A dedicated GOA professional learning team member with experience in working with students in CBL environments will work with a cohort of educators and leaders at your school.
  • We have proven curriculum. We customized and tailor assignments from GOA over the course of the year, using our CBL Toolkit (cards, handbook, activity guide) and more! All of our curriculum is based on work we’ve done at GOA, serving students and faculty in the transition to CBL.
  • We provide feedback. We offer asynchronous feedback on assignments and activities.
  • We keep you moving. We have synchronous monthly meetings to help you and your team stay on track.
  • We make a plan. We work with you to chart an action plan for subsequent years as well as a comprehensive professional learning plan.

Inquire about partnership

Tell us about your work and your needs. A member of our professional learning team will get back to you right away.

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