Relevant, Real-World Topics

Short, online courses for GOA member-school students

Flex courses are opportunities for high school students to build modern learning skills and join a global conversation about relevant, real-world topics. Led by an experienced GOA facilitator, students explore playlists of resources, engage in discussions with peers around the world, and complete hands-on activities to apply their new knowledge. Teachers join their students in the flex course and are encouraged to further integrate flex course topics and skills into their classes, clubs, or advisory programs using GOA-provided resources and strategies.

Courses are highly interactive and designed for daily student engagement, at a time during the day that works for them. Flex courses range in length from four days to two weeks, with students averaging around 45 minutes a day of engagement. While most students come to GOA flex courses when their teachers sign up the whole class or grade level, we certainly welcome individual students who just want to learn more about the topic.

Flex courses are available exclusively to GOA members at no additional charge. GOA announces new flex course offerings and dates prior to the start of the school year; however, new courses are often added mid-year in response to current events. Please review the FAQs below for further information. More questions? Contact us.

NEW Pop-Up Course!

GOA member school students are invited to join our new Pop-Up Course on race, reflection, and courageous conversation. Registration closes April 8!

Screenshot of Course Conversations About Race, Monday April 12 - Friday, April 16, 2021

Are flex courses open to students from non-member schools?

No, our flex courses are not open to students from non-member schools. Please view our summer course catalog for courses available to students from non-member schools.

How much does each flex course cost?

Students from member schools may attend at no additional cost.

Who are the lead facilitators for these courses? What is their role?

These courses are designed and facilitated by experienced GOA faculty members. Throughout the course, you and your students will hear from them through videos, emails, and other tools.

I am a teacher considering enrolling my class in a flex course. What is my role in the course?

Teachers who enroll their students are given the role of affiliated teacher in the flex courses. We encourage affiliated teachers to be actively involved in our flex courses with their students and to take advantage of the intended flexibility in the presentation of materials.

Affiliated teachers have access to the course, receive all course communications, will have access to resources and recommended strategies for extending course concepts, and will be asked to complete a feedback survey after the course concludes. The learning experience is led by a GOA facilitator who will present the content.

Will affiliated teachers have any guidance on how to incorporate the flex course into their classrooms?

Yes. Prior to the start of the course, affiliated teachers will receive guidance on how to prepare themselves and their students for the experience. During the course, the flex course facilitator will provide resources and teacher support.

What is the time commitment for most flex courses?

These courses vary in length, some are as short as four days, others are 2-3 weeks long. The shortest courses often require students to engage for about 45 minutes a day, and the longer courses suggest students budget 2-3 hours a week. Flex courses are designed to pair well with on-campus courses or activities, and the learning is most impactful when supplemented by affiliated teacher support. Individual students at GOA member schools are able to enroll in most flex courses.

The flex course timing does not work for my class schedule. May I access the content and use it at a time that works for me or my students?

To protect the intellectual property of our teachers and the intended collaborative and global atmosphere of our courses, we cannot provide special access to the flex course materials outside of the dates the course is intended to be open.

How much of the course is synchronous? Is it possible to engage with the flex course on my classes’ schedule?

Flex courses are fully asynchronous to allow students and teachers flexibility. During the dates the flex course is open, students may engage daily in their on-campus classes or a few times a week after school, whatever works for them. Although it is possible to attend a flex course all at once, we recommend students log in a few times a week while the flex course is running so they can take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with peers from around the world.

Is there a limit to how many or how few students can sign up for a flex course at a time?

No, there is no limit to the number of students allowed in each flex course. These courses are designed for a large, global audience. Many affiliated teachers choose to enroll all of their students in a given class in our flex courses, and incorporate our courses into their regular class meetings. We also welcome individual students to take these flex courses on their own, as long as they have the support of affiliated teachers from their schools.

When will enrollment close for upcoming flex courses?

Enrollment closes the Thursday before the course begins.

Can I bulk enroll groups of students?

Yes! Please read this guide carefully, checking that you have maintained correct formatting for the headers and the drop down data. Please list a maximum of one parent and one affiliated teacher per student. The system will not interpret commas in the bulk upload sheet (a “comma-separated value” (CSV) file) as a list of similar items, so please do not include them. Please contact if you encounter difficulties.

Are grades and feedback provided to students in flex courses?

No. GOA and flex course facilitators do not provide grades or feedback, although many affiliated teachers choose to assess their students’ participation and engagement in our flex courses.

Do participants receive a certificate of completion?

No. GOA flex courses are focused on providing students access to high quality content, the opportunity to join a global conversation, and prompts to reflect on and apply learning in their own setting. While affiliated teachers often monitor their own students’ participation using their own tools and approaches, flex courses are not designed for GOA to track or measure student engagement and therefore we cannot remark on individual student engagement.

How long will the flex course remain open after it ends?

Flex courses remain open for one week after they end.

May adults audit flex courses?

For the privacy of our students and to protect the intellectual property of our teachers, we cannot allow adults to audit our courses without having associated students with them. Previews of the course materials are available on request. Please email for more information.

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