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Growth, Grit, & Gratitude

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Wellness Life Hacks

Recommended Grades: 7-9 | Flex Type: On-Demand

In this five-day course, students will design a personalized wellness toolkit packed with life hacks that will serve them well throughout their time in school and beyond. They will identify their strengths, use them when faced with a challenge, and explore strategies to change the way they think to affect how they feel and act. The course will be framed around three concepts: growth, grit and gratitude. Students will explore and develop their ideas of what it means to live life with purpose, a sense of power over how they think and feel, and the ability to create and sustain a sense of well-being. Students walk away from this module with an understanding of actions they can take to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Who is this course for?

This on-demand course is designed for students in grades 7-9 and is available year-round to teachers at member schools who want to personally guide their students through an online learning experience on a flexible timeline that meets their needs. There is no GOA facilitator for these learning experiences; instead, GOA provides on-campus affiliated teachers with a Teacher Playbook and student and teacher access to a complimentary learning space in GOA’s learning instance. On-demand flex courses have five parts, student engagement averages 30-45 minutes per part or 3-4 hours of total course engagement.

The use of pathways in the course design will allow classes from a variety of disciplines, clubs, and advisory programs to connect meaningfully to the program.

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