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The Catalyst Project and Conference

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    April 5-26, 2021
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Make an Impact.

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This April, GOA is bringing the annual Catalyst Project & Conference to schools! Now, you and your classmates will have the opportunity to take concepts learned in your course and shape and live out a real world project that aims at making an impact in your local community. Your teacher will begin by introducing your class to the specific guidelines of your project. In early April, you will join a global conversation with peers at other schools working to implement change in their own communities and craft presentations that share their process. The conference opens to the public on April 22 and you will share your work, explore, leave feedback on hundreds of other student projects and vote for your favorites.

The specific guidelines of your project will be developed by your teacher and will relate to the content in your class. GOA's student checklist will help you stay on track and ensure you've covered all the important details. To learn more about how teachers integrate the Catalyst Conference into their classes, read this GOA article: Missions Matter: Three Pathways for Living Out a School Mission

Your project, and the impact you attempt to make in your community is the heart of this endeavor. You'll identify a question you want to answer in response to a problem that needs solved, and through the lens of your course content, you'll follow a research-driven process to answer that question and solve that problem.

The conference is an opportunity to showcase your process and impact, engage with an authentic audience, learn from other participants, and gather feedback from a worldwide community. The conference will be asynchronous and remains open April 22-26, 2021. You'll be expected to sign on a few times each day to engage with other student presentations, as well as respond to people who have visited yours. The conference will be open to the public; use this opportunity to continue to spark change!

Important Dates

Project Process: Your teacher will guide you through selecting a topic/question and following a research and implementation process on the timeline that is best for your course. Some courses will weave this throughout the entire semester and others will set aside a specific window of time just for the Catalyst Project. All courses will want to introduce the project and conference by early March.

Conference Preparation: The Catalyst Project & Conference flex course begins April 5 and you will receive your course invitation. When it's time to develop your conference page to share your process and learnings, your teacher will email you your login credentials.

Conference Participation: Expect to check engage with the conference throughout April 22-26.

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