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Think Like A Doctor

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    May 15-19, 2023
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An Exploration of Medical Problem Solving

Recommended Grades: 9-12 | Flex Type: Scheduled & Facilitated

Are you interested in the medical field? Have you ever wondered what the process of diagnosing a patient is? Are you curious about how our location, cultures, lifestyles and environment can impact disease?

This course will help you not only think like a physician but also evaluate the decisions doctors have to make on a daily basis. You will be introduced to a patient and a doctor and observe and analyze a medical scenario from a “bird’s eye view.” Throughout the lessons, you will learn about a specific body system and practice diagnosing the patient. You will then have the opportunity to evaluate the treatment plan based on the context of the disease and share your reflections with students around the world.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for students in grades 9-12 who are currently enrolled in or have recently taken a biology course. Students who are interested in pursuing a career or degree related to the medical field, or interested in how our environment and culture interact with our health, will enjoy this flex course. The use of pathways in the course design will allow classes from a variety of disciplines to connect meaningfully to the program, including biology, anatomy & physiology, global studies, ethics, and clubs or advisory programs interested in related topics.

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