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War in Ukraine

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    April 4-8, 2022
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How should we understand the global implications of the war in Ukraine?

Recommended Grades: 9-12 | Flex Type: Scheduled & Facilitated

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is dominating the daily news headlines. Looking beyond the headlines, however, have you thought about Russia’s motivation to start a war with Ukraine? If this war is illegal according to international law, why isn’t there a more robust response beyond economic sanctions and moral condemnation against the aggressor? Are there factors related to the current international order that led to the war? What kind of changes in the current order can we expect from this war? How might this conflict end?

In this weeklong course, students will explore the historical, cultural, and geopolitical factors that inform the war in Ukraine. Using various lenses, students will get a deeper understanding of the variety of global perspectives at play and they will learn to navigate the tensions between them. Ultimately, students will develop the tools to analyze the war within a context of an evolving international order possibly undergoing a decisive transformation.

Students will explore short but informative primary and secondary sources to learn more about the historical, cultural, and geographic ties between Russia and Ukraine. Using videos and other media, they will also learn about the geopolitical context from foreign policy experts and connect with other GOA students in a global exchange of views. The resources we are curating for this course will represent a range of levels; teachers from grades 9-12 will be able to point their students in the direction that best fits their students' skill level.

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