Mini Online Courses for Grades 7-9

A series of courses designed to build lifelong learning skills.

Image of two upcoming courses: Learning Brain (Jan 18-22) and Digital Ethics (Feb 22-26)

GOA’s Learners for Life series is specifically designed to support students in grades 7-9 as they develop the critical learning and life skills for success in middle school, high school and beyond. As a GOA member school, your community is invited to partner with us in these mini online courses at no additional charge.

This series provides schools with a structured, professionally designed program for approaching a variety of essential skills that schools aim to develop in students, but that may not fit neatly into schedules, curricula, programming or staffing plans. Our theme-based curriculum has been developed in consultation with leading experts and educators. GOA designs and builds the courses, provides a trained facilitator or facilitator team, and one or two asynchronous expert speakers per course. Each module is five days long and requires approximately three-four hours of total asynchronous engagement from students.

Teachers who enroll their students are supplied with guidelines and a checklist for how to prepare themselves and their students for the experience. A distinction from GOA flex courses is that affiliated teachers in Learners for Life courses play an active role in delivering the learning experience and managing student engagement. Affiliated teachers are invited to participate in a pre-course Zoom with GOA facilitators, will join a teacher-only discussion space for support and resource sharing during the course, and are provided with ideas for an enduring student learning as the course concludes.

Please review the FAQ section below prior to registering.


How many students can a member school enroll?

As many as they want. Our recommendation is to run this program across an entire grade, for example.

What is the cost to enroll?

Enrollment is free for all GOA member schools and professional learning members.

Do I have to sign up for the entire series?

No: you may enroll in as many courses as you like.

Can a non-member school enroll students?

Not at this time.

Can teachers enroll their entire classes?

Yes. In fact, Learners for Life courses are designed to be teacher-supported, so we recommend enrolling an entire class.

Can we run these courses on different dates on our own?

Not at this time. To encourage interactions across schools, we ask all participants to take the courses during listed dates.

Can parents and teachers take these courses?

For schools that enroll 100 or more students in all four courses, GOA will create an accompanying 1-2 hour asynchronous program for adults for each of the four courses. This allows you to extend the conversation into the wider learning community at a faculty meeting, parent coffee, PTA meeting etc. Adult programs include the recorded expert speaker sessions, some curated materials and an opportunity to engage asynchronously with the course facilitation team.

Who are the facilitators for these courses? What is their role?

These courses are designed and facilitated by experienced GOA faculty members. Throughout the course, you and your students will hear from them through videos, emails, and other tools.

I am a teacher considering enrolling my class in a Learners for Life course. What is my role in the course?

A teacher signing up students is designated as an “affiliated teacher” in the Learners for Life courses. Affiliated teachers are active partners in facilitating the learning experience for their students. GOA designs the learning experience, creates content and provides coaching and support opportunities to affiliated teachers as they coalesce the course into their existing curriculum.

Affiliated teachers will join their students in the course, receive all course communications, will have access to resources and recommended strategies for extending course concepts, and will be asked to complete a feedback survey after the course concludes. The learning experience is led by a GOA facilitator and the affiliated teacher will help present the content to their own students.

What is the time commitment for most learners for life courses?

These courses are short, typically 4-5 days long. Courses are designed for student engagement of approximately 30-45 minutes a day, though teachers may take advantage of the flexible format to structure their students’ learning in a way that best suits their needs within the timeframe of the course.

The learners for life course timing does not work for my class schedule. May I access the content and use it at a time that works for me or my students?

To protect the intellectual property of our teachers and the intended collaborative and global atmosphere of our courses, we cannot provide special access to the learners for life course materials, outside of the dates the course is intended to be open. Courses will remain accessible to participants for a week after the course ends.

Is there a limit to how many or how few students can sign up for a learners for life course at a time?

No, there is no limit to the number of students allowed in each learners for life course. These courses are designed for a large, global audience. We encourage affiliated teachers to enroll all of their students in a given class in our mini courses, and incorporate the experience into their regular class meetings.

When will enrollment close for upcoming Learners for Life courses?

Enrollment closes the Wednesday before the course begins.

Can I bulk enroll groups of students?

Yes! Please read this guide carefully, checking that you have maintained correct formatting for the headers and the drop down data. Please list a maximum of one parent and one affiliated teacher per student. The system will not interpret commas in the bulk upload sheet (a “comma-separated value” (CSV) file) as a list of similar items, so please do not include them. Please contact if you encounter difficulties.

Are grades and feedback provided to students in learners for life courses?

No: GOA and course facilitators do not provide grades or feedback, although many affiliated teachers choose to assess their students’ participation and engagement in our flex courses.

Do participants receive a certificate of completion?


How long will the Learners for Life course remain open after it ends?

Courses remain open for one week after they end.

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