Learners for Life Series

Learning to Learn Online (Middle School)

  • Dates

    August 18-21, 2020 or September 15-18, 2020

The Skills to Thrive

For nearly a decade, Global Online Academy has been empowering students to build the skills they need to thrive and engage with the topics they care about the most. Learning to learn online is a skill that should be developed intentionally, rather than left to chance, through a process of behaviors and habits that help students focus on content and experiences, not the tools used to deliver them. In this course, inspired by GOA’s student orientation, students will evaluate their previous approach to online learning and set goals for the year ahead through self-observation, conversation, and personal reflection. Each day of this four day course will cover a key skill related to learning environment, navigation and planning, getting help, and being an active learner. Students will join in a global conversation where they will learn about, share and apply each skill to their own setting. By the end of the course, students will have created a personal toolkit of resources, reminders, and their own online learning commitments to be used independently or shared with a teacher.

Affiliated teachers in the middle school Learning to Learn online will be supplied with a teacher playbook for the course, complete with facilitation tips, guidelines on how to best prepare their students and their courses for the experience. Affiliated teachers play an active role in the co-facilitation of Learners for Life courses, offering support and guidance to their own students as they work through each day. Teachers will need to be familiar with course content and their role in advance.

Who is this course for?

This course is appropriate for students in grades 7-9. The personalized nature of this course makes it perfect for any learner context including a class, a grade level, a study skills or advisory program. While the design of this course encourages teachers to bring a group of students and integrate course topics into their learning environment, individual students are also welcomed to enroll.

There is a high school version of this course which will cover the same key skills in a more robust online format, relying less heavily on affiliated teachers to co-facilitate and more on students to independently navigate the experience. Teachers of ninth graders are invited to choose the experience that best suits their needs.

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