Learners for Life Series

The Learning Brain

  • Dates

    January 18-22, 2021

Learning about Learning

How well do our students understand their own brains? Students who better understand the workings of the learning process have more durable learning outcomes. This five-day course introduces students to effective methods for approaching their own learning, both in the classroom and when they are studying outside of class. The course leads students (and their teachers!) through a variety of metacognitive exercises designed to have them examine their own behaviors and approaches to learning, how successful they are and how congruent they are with what the literature says about how learning happens. Students will also examine the ways they organize their lives to accomplish real learning in the digital age. At a high level, the course approaches how students create the habits, routines and capacity for reflection that are supported by cognitive and behavioral science. Students in this course act on what they learn about their own brains in the context of their classes.

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