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Arabic Lang. Through Culture I

  • Yearlong 2022-2023

    Aug 31, 2022-April 28, 2023 For Members Register

Course Overview

In addition to bringing Arabic popular culture to life, this course introduces students to the Arabic writing system in twelve weeks to communicate in spontaneous spoken conversations on everyday topics, including personal introductions, families, food, lifestyle, preferences, celebrations, history, art, music, social media, and environment. This yearlong course focuses on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and some of the spoken dialects of the Levant, Egypt and North Africa. With an emphasis on Arabic culture, students will learn commonly used expressions and phrases to develop their skills in listening, reading, writing, forming grammatically correct structured sentences, and most importantly, conversation. This will be accomplished through synchronous and asynchronous assignments, conversation sessions with the instructor and a group of peers, instructional videos, discussions about culture, and collaborations on group projects with students from around the globe. Since Arabic is becoming one of the most functional languages in the world, especially in the areas of commerce, business, and trade, students participating in this course can avail themselves of the opportunity to learn the language in a highly stimulating and rich cultural context.

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