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Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • Semester 2 2022-2023

    Jan 11, 2023-April 28, 2023 For Members Register

Course Overview

Much attention has been brought to the cryptocurrency space by the meteoric rise in the valuation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More recently, meme tokens have also grabbed the spotlight. When thinking about cryptocurrency, there is much more to consider than just market capitalization or coins named after canines. Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is an entry level course for anyone excited by the space. This course explores how we arrived at the place we are now, and what the current and possible applications of crypto are. We’ll explore how markets in crypto operate, where they’ve received practical application, and where the space may head in the future through the lenses of creators, consumers, and governments. In addition, we will take a deeper look at blockchain, the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies, and it’s many, far-reaching implications for the future of government, business, the arts and more.

Each lens represents a different way to view the complex and interrelated causes and outcomes of the changing crypto landscape. Using a variety of technologies and activities, students work individually and with peers to evaluate each lens. Students then analyze and explore how these technologies may shape and disrupt the future not only of the crypto space, but of many current and future industries.

This is a new course that GOA is currently developing. A full outline and competencies will be available shortly.

UC-approved course