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The Competency-Based Learning Toolkit

Joyful, purposeful, connected learning

The CBL Toolkit empowers teams of educators to design for competency-based learning.

The traditional model of school as a time-based, content-driven experience is no longer a fit for our skills-based, quickly-evolving world. The core elements of competency-based learning reflect what the purpose of school should be in a modern world: student agency, equitable learning environments, and mastery of durable, transferable skills.

The CBL Toolkit helps educators and schools make five essential shifts necessary for competency-based learning:

  • From content-driven to skills-driven
  • From time-based to performance-based
  • From lessons to experiences
  • From grading to feedback
  • From teacher-designed to co-designed

Based on GOA's years of research and work with students and educators, the CBL Toolkit offers a hands-on approach to making these shifts in a thoughtful, strategic way.

Join the Live CBL Toolkit Webinar!

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at 11amEDT, we're hosting a live webinar to take you on a tour of the toolkit, sample a few activities, and answer your questions. This is your chance to get a look inside the toolkit and consider why moving to competency-based learning is right for your school. Free and open to all!


Flexible, human-centered design

The CBL Toolkit offers specific ideas, activities, and models you can mix and match to your specific context.

The Handbook

What is competency-based learning? Why does it matter? The Handbook is a guide to the basics of CBL. Learn the core concepts and essential vocabulary to begin your work.

The Activities Guide

How do I plan for competency-based learning? A series of step-by-step activities that help educators work together to discover, strategize, apply, and iterate on competency-based learning.

Reflection and Experience Cards

What does competency-based learning look like? These cards offer provocative questions as well as "do now" ideas for classroom work to help educators practice competency-based learning with colleagues and students.

Partner with GOA on CBL

We're offering a limited number of professional learning partnerships on competency-based learning in 2019-2020. These customized programs bring expert GOA coaches to your school or learning organization. We'll strategize with you to determine the right timeline, the right team, and the right programming to prepare your community for CBL, using the Toolkit as a foundation.

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