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Coaching Innovation

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    July 13 - July 24, 2020
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    Our popular course on instructional coaching, Coaching Innovation, is back this July.

    Coaching is one of the most effective forms of professional growth for educators. In this course, participants will discover the power of instructional coaching framed by a relationship-based approach, explore different coaching models, and intentionally integrate coaching practices into relevant work. Whether you coach students or adults, participants will walk away with new coaching strategies that will make participants better coaches.

    In the Week 1 Seminar, participants will explore why coaching is meaningful and create a coaching credo. Participants will then dive into several strands of coaching content with a focus on developing coaching stances, listening authentically, having better conversations, questioning that welcomes others to share, and creating online spaces for coaching.

    In Week 2, participants will be ready to design a project that incorporates strategies they have learned. With the support of a GOA learning design coach, participants will create a relevant response to this question: How can elements of relationship-based coaching inform my work with students or adults right now?

    By the end of the course, participants will be able to intentionally integrate 2 to 3 components of coaching strategies into an applicable context. This course is asynchronous.

    This course is for educators in any position at a school where faculty mentoring and leadership are part of your work (such as instructional coaches, department chairs, tech integrationists, and professional learning leaders). This course is also for educators who see coaching as a lens or strategy for their work with students.

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