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    June 7 - 11, 2021
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The need for teachers to design for equity is an enduring priority. Educational equity is defined as “each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential (National Equity Project).” Prioritizing equity has become all the more urgent as transitions to hybrid and online models expose and reinforce inequities in access and student support.

In March 2020, GOA launched a one week course, Designing for Online Learning, which served as a “nuts and bolts” primer to support educators in the unexpected transition from in-person to online learning brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This course and subsequent courses in the Designing for Online Series explicitly taught educators elements of quality online learning including assessment design, relationship-building in online contexts, the concept of “wayfinding” and quality instructional design, and the importance of student agency in online spaces. These courses have been completed by nearly 40,000 educators and are still being offered by GOA.

In addition to the massive shifts to education brought about by the pandemic, there has also been a growing response to inherent and pervasive racist structures and systems, including in our education systems and our schools. With the added complexities of hybrid and online models, more than ever, teachers need to be equipped with equitable strategies for intentional student support. There is a need to reimagine and reconstruct equitable structures and systems in our schools. GOA’s new course, Designing for Equity, expands upon GOA’s previous professional learning courses, and has been developed in response to growing needs for sustainable, culturally-responsive strategies across hybrid, in-person, and online K-12 models.

In this course, educators will discover and uncover elements of equitable design, learning specific and concrete practices that will prioritize student learning across time and place. Specifically, educators will examine the ways in which they set up and foster community in their classrooms, curate content, design assessments, and report on learning in ways that support all students.

This course includes four modules essential to equitable design: Community, Content, Assessment, and Grading. Each of the modules provide strategies, examples, teacher stories, and student voices to equip individual students to thrive in equitable hybrid, in-person, and online learning. Throughout this course, educators will be asked to reflect on their practice and then apply their learning, empowering educators to transfer what they experience into immediate classroom practice.

Designing for Equity is an estimated 4-6 hour asynchronous, participant-driven experience that may be completed in one day or across one week. Participants choose their own learning pathway through the four modules, selecting activities aligned to individual interests, school environment, and needs. Along the way, collaborative spaces invite participants to support and share reflections, questions, and ideas with each other.

After meeting course requirements, you are eligible to receive a digital credential in the form of a course badge demonstrating your accomplishment in completing Designing for Equity. This can be shared on your resume and on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. If you would like to enroll a team of educators from your school, please complete this form and email it to Please make sure the form is complete and final before sending it to us. We will bulk enroll your participants for you.

Who It’s For

This course is applicable to educators across grade levels, content areas, and contexts. We have included examples from elementary, middle, and high school contexts K-12. This course centers on hybrid and online models, but the pedagogies apply to any learning context. This course is:

  • Beyond the Basics: Extends past the foundations of our Designing for Online Learning course and the Designing for Online Learning series
  • Collaborative: Ideal for teachers, school teams, and instructional coaches
  • Flexible: Fits within a teacher schedule; you choose your time commitment in this entirely asynchronous experience
  • Personalized: Apply what you need to your own course and context; choose between resources, strategies, activities, and discussions
  • Practical: Designed for immediate application; grounded in strategies
  • Teacher and student centered: Elevates voices of practitioners and learners, offering real-world examples and actions

What You’ll Learn

Strategies for:

  • Applying an anti-racist lens to equitable design.
  • Creating the conditions that support all students in accessing and engaging in learning.
  • Setting up and maintaining a hybrid and online community that focuses on inclusion and belonging.

Because this course will be facilitated and monitored by the GOA team, we will have to close this course because it cannot be monitored on an ongoing basis. The course will close on Friday, March 12, 2021. Please stay tuned for additional dates for this course.

What Our Community is Saying

  • There is a buzz on cam­pus today as peo­ple talk about what they expe­ri­enced. Great work! We are so appre­cia­tive of GOA.” Shannon Beckley The Graded School
  • Thank you so much to the entire GOA team for your lead­er­ship. It has been so inspir­ing to see the com­mu­ni­ty of edu­ca­tors you have brought together.” Andrew Housiaux Phillips Academy Andover
  • I just want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT to ALL of you for all the work you do! I also want to tell you that many ASFM teach­ers have taken/​are tak­ing the GOA online course on online cours­es and they have only great things to say about it.” Alejandra Cantu American School Foundation of Monterrey

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