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Rethinking the Role of Content

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    January 28 - February 1, 2019
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Educators pride themselves on their expertise in a given content area. We hold these content areas as sacred cows that we guard from competing interests and the threat of time. How might we rethink the role of content in courses to promote deeper learning?

The Rethinking the Role of Content course, which is part of GOA’s “Rethinking School” series, aims to explore how to transform students into lifelong learners. We will examine how content can be used as a vehicle through which deeper learning skills can be taught. We will explore how educators can be intentional about teaching students to think critically and solve complex problems, collaborate, communicate, and develop academic mindsets. In this course, participants will:

  • Explore different models of rethinking the role of content in courses and classrooms
  • Discover how teaching discipline-specific content in conjunction with deeper learning skills can create new student learning experiences
  • Learn methods and design strategies for integrating deeper learning skills with content

This course will feature a panel including educators who all have extensive experience in designing courses that integrate deeper learning skills with content:

This is a practical one week course for any educator looking to rethink and reimagine the role of content in a classroom. This course is asynchronous. You can do work at your own pace and time during the time frame that the course is open. We encourage participants to take this course in school-based teams.

About our "Rethinking School" series

GOA has offered two other courses in our "Rethinking School" series of online courses for educators. The first, Rethinking School, outlines the five design elements for Rethinking School. To learn more and explore some of the Rethinking School course content, see our publication, Five Design Elements for Rethinking School: A Toolkit for Educators.

Our second "Rethinking School" course, Rethinking Assessment, was first offered in October 2018. GOA will ultimately offer six courses in our "Rethinking School" series. We encourage you to take all six courses as they are offered in 2019 and 2020. The "Rethinking School" series of courses are free for educators from GOA member schools.

Follow along with us as we share insights, ideas, and updates about our "Rethinking School" series on Twitter @GOALearning and using #RethinkingSchool.

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