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Rethinking Roles of Students and Teachers

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    January 27-31, 2020
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    At its core, teaching is a people-focused profession, driven by relationships and interactions with students. In considering the relational piece of teaching, as educators we have to ask how can we be intentional and reflective on the roles that students and teachers play in the classroom? How can we leverage our relationship with our students to create authentic moments of learning? How can we design learning experiences that are student-centered and student-driven?

    Rethinking the Roles of Students & Teachers is a one-week course designed to push your thinking on exploring the nuances of the roles students and teachers occupy in the classroom. This course will examine the various roles that students and teachers can occupy in the classroom and how to leverage those roles to design student-centered learning experiences. You’ll leave the course with concrete ideas on how to foster student engagement through intentional design and a framework by which to reimagine your classroom community.

    In this course, you will:

    • Intentionally reflect on and unpack the various roles students and teachers play in the classroom
    • Learn strategies for designing student-centered, student-driven learning experiences
    • Examine how to leverage technology to supplement, not replace, existing teaching practices

    This is a practical one week course for any educator looking to rethink the roles of students and teachers in the classroom. This course is asynchronous. You can do work at your own pace and time during the time frame that the course is open. We encourage participants to take this course in school-based teams.

    Course registration closes January 22, 2020. Register today to reserve your spot.

    About the "Rethinking School" Series

    GOA’s “Rethinking School” series of online courses for educators offer a deep exploration of the design elements that form the critical axis of change in schools. The first course in the series, “Rethinking School,” provides an overview of the five design elements: assessment, content, role of student, place, and time. The other four courses in the series (Rethinking Assessment, Rethinking the Role of Content, Rethinking the Roles of Students and Teachers, Rethinking Time and Place) dig deeper into each of the five elements and offer a playlist of resources and strategies, an opportunity to engage, learn, and apply understandings, and a networked professional learning community.

    While the “Rethinking School” course provides an overview for the series, there is no need to start there. There are no prerequisites: you don’t have to start the series at the beginning, because there is no beginning. You can pick and choose courses that are most relevant to you. From 2018 - 2020, we will cycle through all of the courses twice.

    Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more specifically about how our courses work and what to expect.

    To learn more and explore some of the Rethinking School course content, see our publication: Five Design Elements for Rethinking School: A Toolkit for Educators.

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    Follow along with us as we share insights, ideas, and updates about our "Rethinking School" series on Twitter @GOALearning and using #RethinkingSchool.

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