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    August-November, 2020
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    A new program for school leaders

    How might we best support teachers during a unique, challenging school year?

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    GOA is thrilled to announce a new program for school leaders: Leading Teachers Online. This is a series of monthly online gatherings for those leaders who are supporting teachers through the opening months of a uniquely challenging school year.

    Leading teachers online is now an essential competency of school leaders. As a cohort, we’ll explore and discuss three key elements of leading teachers online:

    • Supporting teacher wellness and community
    • Developing a professional learning roadmap
    • Building online communication skills

    The cohort will generate additional topics for research and discussion as a group.

    Facilitated by Eric Hudson, GOA’s Director of Learning and Design, and consultant and coach Kawai Lai, this program will bring together a global network of school leaders for discussion of relevant resources, collaboration on common challenges of leadership, and sharing of strategies as we all navigate the opening months of this school year.

    Program Goals

    • Equip school leaders with practical strategies and a plan to support teachers in the opening months of the 2020-21 school year.
    • Learn and discuss core issues of online teacher support in the new school year, including building teacher wellness and community, developing a professional learning strategy, and effective online communication..
    • Provide school leaders with ongoing opportunities to connect across schools to share ideas and address challenges collaboratively.

    Key Details

    • The program includes four 60-minute synchronous video calls, to be held the last week of August, September, and October, and the third week of November (to avoid conflict with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday). These are interactive, discussion-based gatherings that will include small-group connection in breakout rooms. Topics may include: developing teacher wellness and community online, designing a professional learning roadmap, and honing online communication skills.
    • GOA will present options for these calls that are responsive to participant schedules and varying time zones. We will also record these calls for those participants who are unable to attend.
    • In advance of each call, GOA will send to participants via email a playlist of curated resources, planning templates for leadership planning, and a call for suggestions for topics for our monthly call.
    • This program is recommended for teams of leaders from the same school. We have priced the program in order to encourage participation from school-based teams.
    • The cost of the program is $250 per person for GOA member schools and $325 for non-members.

    Who is This For?

    This program is designed for those school leaders who directly support teachers. This may include Division/Section Heads, Deans of Academics/Faculty, Directors of Technology, Directors of Innovation, Department Chairs, Instructional Coaches, etc. We developed this program because we have heard from leaders in these positions that collaborating and connecting with peers at different schools is critical to their own success and growth.

    Why Does This Matter?

    This school year is going to look different, and educators need support. Those school leaders who directly support teachers will need to think differently about their work and strategize how to move support and professional learning to online spaces. This program offers those leaders a network of peers, access to expert facilitators, and curated resources and templates to support their work.

    How do I sign up a team?

    For teams of five or less, we recommend that individuals register on their own via our online registration form. For teams of five or more, you can make a copy of our enrollment template, download it as a csv file, and email it to hello@globalonlineacademy.org with the subject line “Leading Teachers Online team enrollment.”

    Is there a discount for teams?

    No. Pricing is set at individual rates.

    What is the time commitment?

    We recognize you are busy. Participants in this program are committing to four 60-minute synchronous calls on Zoom during the last week of each month. In between calls, GOA will provide participants with curated resource playlists and planning templates. These are optional, but relevant to our work and will take less than an hour to explore.

    What if I can’t make one of the calls?

    GOA will record each call and provide it to all participants.

    What is the refund policy?

    To cancel your registration, please email hello@globalonlineacademy.org. Registrations canceled before August 31, 2020 will receive a full refund.

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