Learning Design Summit 2020

  • Dates

    June 28-July 1, 2020

    GOA's Premier Professional Learning Conference

    Our theme for 2020 is "Competency-Based Learning: Designing for Agency, Equity, and Transfer"

    Due to current events, we will not be holding the Learning Design Summit in June 2020. We're so disappointed, but we believe this is best for the health and safety of our community. We look forward to holding it again in 2021.

    We are offering several online alternatives. Please explore our 4-week program, Competency-Based Learning: From Theory to Practice, and our Educator Courses.

    What makes the Learning Design Summit a unique event?

    • You will have the chance to participate in hands-on workshops and design sprints.
    • You will have the support of an expert GOA coach matched to your needs and experience.
    • You will have the time to design a project or initiative you can bring back to your school or learning organization.
    • You will collaborate and mix with innovative educators from schools around the world.

    The theme for 2020's Summit is "Competency-Based Learning: Designing for Agency, Equity, and Transfer." Our workshops and keynote sessions will focus on how to design and assess learning experiences that empower students to practice relevant, modern learning skills. We will also discuss and practice strategies for how to lead our communities through the changes necessary to prioritize agency, equity, and transfer. Full program details coming soon!

    The Learning Design Summit is an immersive residential experience. Your registration fee covers all programming, meals, and lodging (your own room in an Episcopal High School dormitory).

    2020 Keynote Speaker

    We are thrilled that Nicole Furlonge, Director of the Klingenstein Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University, will be a keynote speaker at the 2020 Summit. Currently, Dr. Furlonge’s research examines the intersections between listening, cognitive neuroscience, social justice, and school leadership. She is the author of Race Sounds: The Art of Listening in African American Literature, published by University of Iowa Press.

    What Past Participants Have Said

    • The high­ly inten­tion­al use of time through­out the week and my excel­lent coach and group were very ben­e­fi­cial to my work. The choice to have us focus our work on one con­crete take-home inno­va­tion in our ped­a­gogy was very use­ful as well.”
    • The advi­sories, coach­ing and abil­i­ty to sit and net­work with peo­ple was real­ly fan­tas­tic! The inde­pen­dent time was per­fect to plan and work on all the ideas I got from the work­shops and peo­ple I met.”
    • It is like sum­mer camp for teach­ers, in the best sense of that. I will say that I met inter­est­ing peo­ple, was inspired by great speak­ers, got my own work done for the fall, became excit­ed for school to be back in ses­sion, as well as ate and drank well!”

    What to Expect from the Learning Design Summit

    Coaching and Connection

    You will be paired with a GOA coach and join an advisory, a small group of educators that meet throughout the Summit to reflect on the day's programming. Your coach will support you in customizing Summit programming and moving forward on personal projects.

    Relevant, Personalized Programming

    We offer a menu of workshops and keynote sessions to allow you to design a personalized program that works best for you. We also include independent work time so you can move forward on an individual or team project with the support of your GOA coach.

    A Global Network

    The Summit welcomes innovative educators from schools around the world and gives them the time and space to collaborate and share their work with each other. This is a unique opportunity to expand your network in a global learning community.

    Who should come to the Learning Design Summit?

    The Learning Design Summit is for teachers and school leaders who are ready to move from theory to practice when it comes to agency, equity, and transfer. Whether you're interested in adopting competency-based learning as a system for your school or you're interested in how to incorporate elements of agency, equity, transfer into your classroom and leadership practice, you will have the time and support to learn, discuss, and practice essential skills.

    If you seek the time, support, and expertise to help you move forward on a new project or change initiative, you should come to the Summit. If you are eager to learn about the innovative work of other educators and schools, you should come to the Summit. If you want a beautiful, friendly, collaborative environment in which to reflect and work, you should come to the Summit. If you have a team who would benefit from intensive, collaborative time together, you should come to the Summit (we offer a discount for teams of four or more. Learn more in our FAQ's below.).

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