• Semester 2

    Jan 15 - May 1, 2020 For Members Register

Course Overview

This course is a GOA Learning Studio. Learning Studios explore interdisciplinary topics through student-driven learning. Led by a teacher who designs the overall structure, these courses ask students to craft their own projects based on their interests and develop strong relationships with classmates through frequent conversation and feedback. Students can expect to learn how to identify relevant local and/or global issues to explore deeply, how to craft their own plans for structuring and exploring the issue, how to test new ideas both in and out of class, and how to be an active part of a community of learners. Learning Studios demand a high level of organizational and interpersonal skills, curiosity, determination, and flexibility.

This skills-based course explores the creativity, effort, and diversity of techniques required to change people’s minds and motivate them to act. Students learn how to craft persuasive arguments in a variety of formats (written, oral, and multimedia) by developing a campaign for change around an issue about which they care deeply. We explore a number of relevant case studies and examples as we craft our campaigns. Units include persuasive writing, social media, public speaking, informational graphics, and more. The culminating project is a multimedia presentation delivered and recorded before a live audience.

Course Outline

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