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  • Semester 2

    Jan 13 - April 30, 2021 For Member Schools Register

Course Overview

In this course, students build understanding and apply skills in aspects of site; structure, space and design.While gaining key insights into the roles of architectural analysis, materials, 3D design, and spatial awareness, students develop proficiency in architectural visual communication. We begin by learning the basic elements of architectural design to help analyse and understand architectural solutions. Then, through using digital and physical media use models to enhance visual communication, students study the role building materials play in architectural design, developing an understanding of the impact materials have on structural design and cultural traditions. At each stage of the course students interact with peers from around the globe, learning and sharing how changes in materials, technology, and construction techniques lead to the evolution of contemporary architecture style and visual culture. The course culminates with a final project in which each aspiring architect will have the opportunity to work towards a personal presentation for the GOA Catalyst Conference. Students will, through a variety of outcomes, present an architectural intervention which they have proposed as a solution to an identified need, one emanating from or focused within their own community. Throughout the course students will refer to the design process and will use visual journaling techniques to track, reflect and evidence their burgeoning understanding of architecture, construction, and engineering.

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