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Global Health

  • Semester 1

    Sept 2 - Dec 18, 2020 For Members Register

Course Overview

What makes people sick? What social and political factors lead to the health disparities we see both within our own community and on a global scale? What are the biggest challenges in global health and how might they be met? Using an interdisciplinary approach to address these two questions, this course improves students’ health literacy through an examination of the most significant public-health challenges facing today’s global population. Topics include the biology of infectious disease (specifically HIV and Malaria); the statistics and quantitative measures associated with health issues; the social determinants of health; and the role of organizations (public and private) in shaping the landscape of global health policy. Students use illness as a lens through which to examine social issues like poverty, gender, and race. Student work includes analytical and creative writing, research, peer collaboration, reading and discussions of nonfiction, and online presentations.

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