Creating Powerful Learning for Students Means Creating Powerful Learning For Teachers

When teachers experience powerful learning, students benefit. Far too often, professional learning for teachers is disconnected from how that learning might impact the student learning experience. We believe that creating powerful learning for students means creating powerful learning for adults.

Over the last few years, we have led professional learning online and in person in schools, at conferences, at dedicated summer experiences, and online. Here’s what we’ve learned about designing powerful professional learning experiences:

It should be relevant.

This means teachers are exploring and diving into content relevant to the needs of their school or organization.

It should be collaborative.

This means teachers are growing a global network of colleagues and using that network to collaborate, create, and share best practices.

It should be personalized.

This means teachers experience learning that is personalized, driven by data and need. The learning should be at a teacher’s own time, pace, and place.

It should lead to (and include) time for reflection.

This means teachers reflect on, question, and take responsibility for their own professional practice.

It should be innovative.

This means teachers are using technology to reimagine rather than reinforce their own practices, habits, and interactions.

It should be job-embedded.

This means teachers learn instructional design and ways of teaching that will impact their classroom and their students. Teachers will grow and can directly bring those experiences back into their classrooms and schools.

We design all of our courses with these hallmarks in mind. And, all professional learning experiences offered by GOA are aligned with the outcomes we seek for students in our student courses. High-quality professional learning should impact students, classrooms, and schools. This summer, we are offering both online and in-person professional learning. Professional learning opportunities are open to all teachers and school leaders.

Join us this summer!

Learning Summit 2024: Enduring Purpose

GOA's Learning Summit is back for 2024, and we're hosting our biggest gathering of the year at the stunning University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada from July 9-12, 2024. This year's theme, "Enduring Purpose," invites us to focus on the constants amidst constant change: purposeful practice, navigating the AI landscape, prioritizing wellness, and centering the learner in all that we do. The Learning Summit 2024 is specially designed for individual educators, school leaders, and school-based teams who are passionate about grounding their practice in what matters and seeking practical, relevant strategies to ensure purpose is at the heart of their work. Learn more and register.

GOA serves students, teachers, and leaders and is comprised of member schools from around the world, including independent, international, charter, and public schools. Learn more about Becoming a Member. Our professional learning opportunities are open to any educator or school team. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. To stay up to date on GOA learning opportunities, sign up for our newsletter.

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