Shifting educator practice

Our professional learning offerings—for individual educators, small cohorts or large groups— are grounded in experience, facilitated by expert educators, and developed in response to timeless concerns and current needs. The norms that we espouse as essential to learning experiences - building trust and knowing students deeply, challenging all students, and developing equitable and inclusive learning experiences that support all students - are essential tenets in our commitment to shifting educator practice.

Our mission

We design and deliver programming that empowers teachers and school leaders to shift their practice to improve student learning outcomes.

“The GOA team is brilliant, well-researched, kind and caring. We are excited to be on the cutting edge with them.”

Mike Peller,
White Mountain School (NH)

"I really think GOA is a model -- not just for distance learning, but the possibilities of how we might rethink school in moving forward."

Aaron Alcodray,
American School of Japan

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