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Summer online courses for high school students

Flexible, meaningful, and passion-based courses to enrich your summer.

Small, engaging online courses

Each of our online summer high school classes is capped at 20 students, guided by an expert teacher from a GOA member school. Students come from many different schools and share a passion for the subject. They build relationships with teachers and classmates through frequent, mostly asynchronous discussions and collaboration.

Online Classes for International Students

Global online learning that matters

At GOA, online learning is not about video-watching and quiz-taking. Learning at GOA is about relevant, hands-on ideas and coursework. Students log in multiple times a week to join discussions, work together on projects, and design their own ways to show their learning.

online high school courses for high school students

Summer Classes 2020

Enrollment for Summer 2020 is now closed. If you are a student at a GOA member school, you can register for school year 2020-21 courses here.

GOA is offering 14 of its most popular semester classes in an intensive 7-week format. Most of these courses cover a semester's worth of material and expect a 10-12 hour per week commitment from students. For Geometry or Spanish 1, which are designed to replace yearlong high school courses, students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week. Our summer term runs from June 15 to July 31, 2020.

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GOA Summer Course FAQ's

Why should I take an online course this summer?

GOA courses are designed to be passion-driven learning experiences. We want students to learn deeply about a topic they care about in an environment that's flexible, supportive, and interactive. Taking an online course allows you to learn on your own schedule, building GOA course time around other summer experiences.

Are GOA Summer Courses offered for credit?

GOA is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and will deliver an official transcript to students from non-member schools who complete the course. Students from member schools might be eligible for credit from their schools for summer GOA courses: they should check with their GOA site director.

What is the time commitment of taking a GOA summer course?

These 7-week courses are intensive. Most of them cover a semester's worth of material and expect a 10-12 hour per week commitment from students. Geometry and Spanish 1 are designed to replace yearlong high school courses, so students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week to these courses. While GOA courses are mostly asynchronous and thus allow for flexibility in schedule, students should plan on logging in to their GOA course multiple times a week to check in, participate in discussions, and share their work. Teachers offer opportunities to connect synchronously via video call on a weekly basis.

At what time of day will the course take place?

Our courses are designed to accommodate students from many different times zones. Our teachers leverage online learning tools, such as Canvas, Twist, Flipgrid, and Padlet, to foster relationships in the course asynchronously. Students can expect at least one video call a week with their teachers or classmates, but there will not be moments in the course when the entire section gathers on a video call. We encourage students to advocate for themselves and communicate to their teachers and peers about schedules and time zones, especially during occasional small group projects. Students should be able to log in to Canvas regularly, but they will not be expected to log in at specific times of day.

Does my GOA course require textbooks or other materials?

All GOA courses require a computer or tablet with a reliable, consistent internet connection. Courses will take place in GOA's learning management system, Canvas, and once the course begins, teachers will let students know which specific free web-tools will be used in the course. Information for courses requiring or recommending additional textbooks will be communicated to students before courses begin.

What are the important dates for the summer term?

June 8: Homepages published for students and access emails sent
Monday, June 15: Courses Open with 2-day Orientation (includes synchronous teacher/student video call). Last day to DROP without financial penalty.
June 22: Last day to ADD/DROP. Drop entails 50% refund of enrollment fee.
July 9:
Grades and comments due to GOA
July 10: Grade and Comment Reports Distributed
Friday, July 31: Summer@GOA ends
August 6:
Grades and comments due to GOA
August 10: Grade reports distributed

Who are GOA Summer Course teachers?

All GOA teachers are also teachers at one of our Member Schools. They are experienced online and in-person educators who have been trained by GOA and are deeply skilled in teaching and supporting students.

How are students graded in a GOA summer course?

GOA uses the Canvas Learning Management system, which maintains an open gradebook, meaning students have real-time access to their work and feedback. GOA will deliver a midterm (July) and end-of-term (August) narrative grade report, written by the teacher, to students and families.

How much does a GOA summer course cost?

Most GOA summer courses cost $750 per enrollment for students from member schools and $1,000 per enrollment for students from non-member schools. Spanish Language Through Culture I and Geometry are more intensive than our other summer courses and cost $1,000 for students from member schools and $1,200 for students from non-member schools. GOA offers a 50% course refund for all drops that happen by June 22.

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