Professional Learning

Refine your teaching practice


What We Offer

Our offerings are designed for connected learning and immediate application.

  • Courses: Facilitated and self-paced asynchronous learning experiences for flexibility.
  • Cohorts: Synchronous, cohort-based learning experiences hosted across four monthly Zoom sessions designed to collaboratively explore and strategize relevant topics in education.

  • PD for Schools: In-person or online workshops for your school team or consult strategically with our experts to gain comprehensive insights into effective teaching practices and strategies that align with your school's unique strategies and goals.


AI: Create Your Own GPT
AI: Essentials for Educators
CBL: From Content-Driven to Skills-Driven Learning
CBL: From Educator-Designed to Co-Designed
CBL: From Grading to Feedback
CBL: From Lessons to Learning Experiences
CBL: From Time-Based to Performance-Based
Redesign: Discussions
Redesign: Learning Experiences with AI
Redesign: Portfolios
Redesign: Rubrics