Learning Summit 2023: Designing for Agency

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The Learning Summit 2023: Designing for Agency will take place from June 26-29, 2023 at the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA, USA.

The Learning Summit 2023 will focus on developing practical, day-to-day habits and strategies that ensure agency is at the heart of our work as educators. This in-person event is designed for school-based teams, with learning pathways for both classroom educators and school leaders.

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GOA's live event series is an opportunity to learn with us. Each event will take place on Zoom. These events are free and open to all educators. A recording of each webinar will be made available to participants.

As more schools and districts develop their portrait of a graduate and implement a competency-based learning approach to realize improved student outcomes, education leaders and teachers are rethinking practices and structures to support authentic learning. Student agency and engagement are centerpieces of this work. And for many- particularly now, it’s about re-engagement. But how can this be achieved?

Join panelists Shaine G. (student at Germantown Friends School), Cory Henwood (Innovation Director at Iron County School District), Eric Hudson (Chief Program Officer at GOA) and Katelyn Williams (GOA Faculty) for this conversation.

In this webinar hosted by Global Online Academy in partnership with Mastery Transcript Consortium, speakers will unpack this challenge from student, classroom, school and system perspectives.

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