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This school year is going to be different, but learning will continue. We are offering expertly facilitated, synchronous, one hour workshops for school-based teams.

We don’t know the exact shape school may take, but we do know learning - for students and for educators - will continue. GOA aims to offer a variety of entry points into our professional learning including our courses and programs. GOA is pleased to announce that during the 2020-2021 we will offer a series of synchronous, facilitated workshops for school-based teams. These workshops are each organized around a “how might we” question that teams may tackle and answer together. The topics were chosen based on inquiries we received over the course of working with thousands of educators this year.

The facilitated workshops are ideal for school-based teams who hope to learn together in a 60 minute block of time. Whereas our educator courses and programs are asynchronous, these workshops are a synchronous opportunity to learn together as a team facilitated by GOA.

A member of the GOA team will lead a 60 minute synchronous workshop for your school-based team. Each workshop will include a 15-20 minute presentation to ensure shared understanding and provide examples. The facilitator will create time for short Q & A. After the short Q & A, participants will complete a design activity, and then will share with their colleagues via a chosen tech tool. GOA will conclude the workshop by providing time for reflection and next steps for your team. GOA will record the workshop for colleagues who cannot attend. Please review additional details below for further information. PLEASE NOTE: Workshop dates and times customized to your calendar are available only as time permits.

Workshop Offerings 2020-2021

We are offering five facilitated workshops aligned to teacher skill building for designing effective and high-quality hybrid and online learning experiences.

Workshop Descriptions

How Might We Design for Hybrid Blocks?

Hybrid learning combines online and in-person spaces to create a flexible learning environment. Using the “HyFlex” model as a guide, this workshop will show teachers how to prepare a single block that serves three types of students: those who are in person, those who will be joining synchronously online, and those who will need to engage asynchronously with the lesson. Participants will explore how to pace a hybrid block, how to encourage interaction and collaboration, and how to use technology to support learning for students and sustainability/efficiency for the teacher.

How Might We Design Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussions?

Every online learning experience should include a strategic blend of synchronous and asynchronous interactions. Synchronous connections are a way to build community and humanize the experience of learning online. They are ideal for small-group discussions through breakout rooms, conferencing, giving and receiving feedback, exhibitions of learning, and social and personal connection. While synchronous connection remains important, asynchronous discussions can offer flexibility and mitigate some of the challenges that can come from scheduling synchronous meeting times. Participants will learn when to choose either a synchronous or asynchronous discussion space and how to create them to best serve student learning.

How Might We Diversify Feedback?

When working in person, teachers give and get feedback in many different ways, some of which are so subtle and spontaneous (body language, facial expression, in-the-moment responses, unexpected conversation) that we might not even think of them as feedback. When working online, educators are faced with two challenges: 1) many of those opportunities for subtle and spontaneous feedback go away and 2) almost every action completed online creates an artifact to absorb, which can feel overwhelming to a teacher who feels the responsibility to give students high-quality feedback on all of their work. Participants will explore various ways to diversify the types of feedback they offer, imagining more sustainable ways to create multiple feedback pathways in the online learning experience.

How Might We Humanize Online Spaces?

The importance of video and audio in online learning experiences cannot be understated. It has the power to transform online learning from a solitary, individual experience to a connected, relationship-based experience. Unlike written text, video and audio can capture inflections and visual cues that can help direct students in a way written text sometimes cannot. In this workshop, educators will sharpen their skills, learning specific ways to humanize the online learning experience.

How Might We Translate an In-Person Lesson to an Online Experience?

In the transition from in-person to online there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for moving what works well in-person to an online platform. However, there are transferable processes that we can adapt across grade levels and disciplines. This workshop considers the processes and shifts teachers can make to transition in-person lessons and practices to engaging online experiences that allow for student choice, timely feedback, content coverage, and student mastery.

How It Works

Participants must agree to be active participants and should expect to be engaged via both video and audio throughout the workshop. The workshop may be recorded by the school in the case of absent participants. For GOA member schools, each workshop is $1000. If you sign up for all five, the cost is $4500. For non-member schools, each workshop is $1250 or all five are $5500. Workshops should be scheduled at least three weeks in advance with GOA. Workshops cannot be scheduled back to back; they must be spaced with at least one week between workshops. GOA will host the workshop in Zoom and will send the recording to you of the workshop after it is over. We cannot accommodate a group size larger than 99 total participants.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in having GOA lead one of these workshops for your team. GOA’s professional learning team will be in touch to schedule a 30 minute pre-workshop call to cover logistics including confirmation of the date and time of the workshop. We will prioritize scheduling workshops for GOA member schools.

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