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The Catalyst Conference

A Global Event Aiming for Local Impact

The Catalyst Conference gathers students to share, connect, learn from, and promote advocacy and local activism.

Join us in 2021

The sixth Catalyst Conference, an online exhibition featuring student projects from around the world, will take place April 22-26, 2021.

Each project features a “beautiful question” that invites participants to consider the student’s inquiry focus and to learn how the student researched and responded to that question, a process aimed at generating new ideas for responding locally to real world challenges.

In 2020 350+ students from 76 GOA schools in 18 countries and 27 US states presented highlights from projects pursued in various courses, including Positive Psychology, 9/11 in a Global Context, US History, and Medical Problem Solving. Meet our 2020 student award winners.

Seeking Student Presenters!

We have converted GOA’s research project curriculum into a flex course available to GOA member schools at no additional cost.

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The flex course format allows teachers at GOA member schools to use GOA’s research project curriculum with their own students and participate in an online learning event where students display their work and explore presentations from their peers around the globe. This is available to GOA member schools at no additional cost.


Catalyst Flex Course Overview

The Essentials

  • The flex course runs April 5-26, 2021. The conference happens at the end of the flex course from April 22-26. Registration is open until March 12, 2021.

  • GOA will provide you access to a hub of resources that can be easily adapted to design and facilitate the project. Request access to these resources here.

  • The flex course in April picks up after research projects are underway, and focuses on how students synthesize their process, goals and takeaways on a webpage to be published at the for the Catalyst Conference.

  • The scope of the project you have in mind will determine when it is launched with students -- typically, this happens at least 3 weeks before the flex course begins.

Want to Learn More?

View this letter to the GOA community, which includes a link to book an informational call.

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