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The Catalyst Conference is an online exhibition featuring student projects from around the world. This year’s conference is April 23-27, 2020.

Now in its fifth year, the Catalyst Conference brings together students from around the world in a fully online setting to share, connect, learn from, and promote advocacy and local activism.

This year 400+ students from 76 GOA schools in 18 countries and 27 US states will present highlights from projects pursued in various courses, including Positive Psychology, 9/11 in a Global Context, US History, and Medical Problem Solving.

A global gathering aiming for local impact

With our lives on an unfamiliar and unnerving course right now, we’re eager to share student learning focused on responding to real world challenges with advocacy and to do so in an online setting, open to all, everywhere.

When the conference opens on Thursday, April 23, join us on the conference site to explore:

Two special events:

  • A conversation with four GOA Bioethics students, who used a bioethics lens to look at COVID-19 in their conference projects.

  • Highlights from a series of interviews where Climate Change students discovered the incredible and varied ways adults are working on this global problem and how they, too, can make a difference.

400+ student projects

Each project features a “beautiful question” that invites participants to consider the student’s inquiry focus and to learn how the student researched and responded to that question, a process aimed at generating new ideas for responding locally to real world challenges.

There are easy ways to navigate the site and find topics of interest. Further, each project includes a feedback request, which invites the audience to provide feedback students can use to continue their work after the conference concludes.

Meet our 2019 Award Winners!

The 2019 Catalyst Conference was a huge success, attracting more than two thousand visitors. Meet our 2019 student award winners.

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