Toolkit License Agreement

Global Online Academy (“GOA”) is pleased that you wish to obtain its Competency-Based Learning Toolkit (the “Toolkit”). GOA has expended a great deal of effort in the interest of making this a useful educational tool and we hope you find it to be helpful. While we encourage your sharing of the Toolkit with your colleagues in your department and your school, we ask that you not copy or reproduce the Toolkit in any way for use outside of your school. (If the demand for several Toolkits is there, you can always come back to this site and buy more!)

By ordering the Toolkit [by clicking on the “Order button and making the required payment] on our site, we agree to ship the Toolkit(s) you ordered [by US Mail][to the address you provide to use.] In providing you with the Toolkit, we are granting to you a perpetual, non-exclusive, license under our intellectual property rights to use the Toolkit for non-commercial educational and professional development purposes.

This license does not include the right to make copies, scans, or other reproductions of the Toolkit for redistribution outside your school, and doing so would be a violation of this agreement, as well as GOA’s copyright and trademark rights in the Toolkit. By entering into this license, you agree not to do so.

We hope you find the Toolkit to be helpful. Of course GOA is providing the Toolkit to you “as is” and disclaims all warranties with respect to the Toolkit. This Agreement incorporates the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as part of this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and GOA with respect to the Toolkit.

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