Summer Playlist 2023: Resources to Spark Curiosity and Nurture Creativity

As we close the chapter on the academic year, the promising days of summer await us. We're firm believers in nurturing the mind's appetite for knowledge this summer, and we present our summer playlist compiled by recommendations from our staff of educators. This curated collection of books, podcasts, and videos is designed to spark your curiosity, nurture your creativity, and provide food for thought as you unwind and recharge.


A Swim in a Pond in the Rain: In Which Four Russians Give a Master Class on Writing, Reading, and Life

Unplug from the headlines and delve into the rich culture of Russia with George Saunders.

Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being

Revisit Martin Seligman's classic work for a fresh perspective on happiness and well-being.

Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School

Gain insights into the lives of third culture kids with Danau Tanu's detailed examination of international schools.

The Learning Science Newsletter

Stay updated with actionable tips and research on designing evidence-based learning experiences.

The Lightmaker's Manifesto: How to Work for Change without Losing Your Joy

Discover how to work for change without losing your joy in Karen Walrond's uplifting book.

True Biz: A Novel

Explore the challenges faced by deaf teenagers in a traditional educational setting through Sara Nović's poignant novel.

When Getting Along Is Not Enough: Reconstructing Race in Our Lives and Relationships

Equip yourself with Maureen Walker's strategies for cross-racial discussions and understanding race as a relational dynamic.


Experience a patient and thoughtful read with Jhumpa Larihi's narrative, originally written in Italian and translated into English by the author herself.


HBR Series on Generative AI

Tune in every Thursday for insights on how Generative AI is revolutionizing creativity.

Hidden Brain

Let Shankar Vedantam guide you on a journey of self-discovery inspired by T.S. Eliot's exploration quote from Four Quartets.

Ologies Podcast

Join Allie Ward as she asks smart people seemingly silly questions, tapping into the depths of science and knowledge.

The Ezra Kelin Show's The Teen Mental Health Crisis Part 2

Gain wisdom from clinical psychologist Lisa Damour's insights on the complexities of teen mental health.

The Ezra Klein Show’s Why Adults Lose the ‘Beginner’s Mind’

Reclaim your childlike wonder and willingness to learn with this enlightening conversation.

Throughline's Our Own People Episode

Learn about the powerful activism of Yuri Kochiyama and its impact on solidarity and intersectionality.


Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi Season 2

Embark on a gastronomic journey across America from the comfort of your couch.

The danger of a single story

This TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie challenges you to resist a single narrative and embrace the multiplicity within each of us.

What resonates with you here? What would you add? Let us know on Twitter!

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