CBL: From Time-Based to Performance-Based

CBL: From Time-Based to Performance-Based is a one week course around creating nonlinear curriculum to provide for reassessment and differentiation in a lesson, unit, or course. This is the fifth in a series of five courses about practical and purposeful shifts that educators can make in their classrooms.

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    Jan 10, 2022Jan 14, 2022
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"It is a modern way of developing and cultivating interest in a variety of topics/content that can be implemented immediately. The interaction and tools were authentic and enabled collaboration with colleagues."

Ben Dutton,
Nanjing International School (China)

"You provided a wealth of resources based on real teachers' experiences. The resources and ideas were grounded in educational, pedagogical philosophy that was transparent and theoretically sound."

Jess Biscamp,
The Academy for Technology and the Classics (NM)

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