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A unique professional experience

GOA teachers are part of a global community of students and educators exploring new ways to learn.

Who We Are

GOA offers small, interactive, passion-driven online courses to students from our global community of member schools. Our teachers design student-centered learning experiences that prioritize deep learning, strong relationships, and real-world relevance.

Who You Are

GOA teachers take an entrepreneurial approach to teaching and learning. They are passionate about their own professional growth and seek a challenging, immersive experience to expand their skills. They love students and know how to connect with them.


About the Position

GOA aims to hire educators who are concurrently employed by a GOA member school whenever possible.


Complete GOA’s Teacher Training Course.

  • Complete our online training and course planning program, delivered in a sequence of mini-courses beginning in Spring 2020 and continuing through June 2020 (total: 30-40 hours).
  • Participate in a remote summer conference. Teachers can choose either June 10-12 or June 29-July 1.

Engage in GOA's transition to competency-based learning design.

  • Most of our new teachers in 2020-2021 will teach one section of an established, multi-sectioned GOA course, meaning they will work as part of a team of teachers from different schools on helping our courses evolve.
  • Our current focus is to move our courses to competency-based learning, a mode of learning design that assesses mastery based on demonstrated learning, not seat time. Our faculty are actively engaged in designing experiences that prioritize student agency, transparency and feedback, and course architectures that support a variety of pathways to success.
  • Teachers should anticipate doing collaborative course development beginning in Spring 2019 and continuing until the semester's open.

Engage deeply in the facilitation process.

  • GOA teachers report spending as much time facilitating their GOA courses as they would a single course at their home schools.
  • The core work of our teachers during a course is the same as that of the brick-and-mortar teacher: effective communication; organized planning; positive relationship-building; and substantive, actionable feedback.
  • While most of the work of a GOA course is asynchronous, faculty members should anticipate daily work on their GOA course and frequent interaction with students, Site Directors (on-campus student support), and GOA Staff during the course.

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience designing interactive and engaging learning experiences that privilege student agency
  • Experience as a collaborative and constructive team member
  • Superb organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Openness to feedback, experimentation, and a professional culture of transparency
  • Computer proficiency (note: applicants often do not bring technical expertise to this job, just commitment to and curiosity about gaining it)
  • We are particularly interested in speaking to candidates with relevant experience in the following areas
    • Introduction to Investments
    • Personal Finance
    • Computer Science (CS I: Computational Thinking and CS II: Game Design in particular)
    • Cybersecurity
    • Introduction to Legal Thinking
    • Psychology (Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Neuropsychology)
    • Medical Problem Solving I & II.


When hiring member-school teachers, GOA pays member schools a $7000.00 stipend per teacher per semester, and the school may then arrange a reduction in that teacher's responsibilities and use the funds to support any additional staffing that the teacher's load-reduction brings about, or pass the stipend directly on to the teacher if a load reduction is not possible. This stipend compensates for both the design and facilitation work described above. Teaching candidates should have a conversation with their home school administration before accepting a teaching position with GOA.

When hiring teachers who do not work at our member schools, we compensate them directly. That said, we will be reaching out to your supervisors at your school for a reference, so we suggest having a conversation with them about this opportunity just the same.

Global Online Academy supports workplace diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other protected class. We are eager to meet candidates from historically underrepresented groups.


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