The Top Ten GOA Blog Posts of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we invite you to explore GOA's top ten blog posts of the year. These articles highlight the evolving landscape of education, showcasing innovative ideas and practices from around the globe. In this list, you'll find insights into how educators are adapting to new challenges and opportunities. As we look forward to 2024, these posts offer inspiration and guidance for the continuing journey in education.

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1) Three Trends Propelling Education in 2023 - "This is a pivotal time to be in education as we are witnessing one of the greatest technological advancements we have ever seen come into view." In this article, GOA Executive Director Michael Nachbar identifies three trends and topics that deserve our attention in 2023.

2) How AI Can Support Agency in Our Students, and in Us - In this article, Eric Hudson asks how we might use AI to empower students and ourselves, sharing practical strategies for leveraging AI to support competency-based learning in the classroom.

3) Why Student Artifacts of Excellence are More Important Than Ever - With generative AI tools becoming more accessible, Content Marketing Manager John Sember discusses the importance of creating opportunities for students to produce distinctive and meaningful work, sharing examples from GOA’s Catalyst Exhibition and Pathway Certification.

4) How Schools Can Elevate Their AI Strategy: Essential Building Blocks - “Incorporating AI into education transcends mere technological adoption; it's about aligning innovation with an institution's foundational values.” Executive Director Michael Nachbar and Director of Operations Lucas Ames share five essential building blocks schools should consider when building an AI strategy.

5) The ABCs of AI in Education - In this post, Michael Nachbar explores how AI is changing the way we think about teaching and learning, and shares how focusing on beautiful work and questions, and developing competencies to design effective learning experiences can create a future where AI supports human teaching and learning.

6) Back to School 2023: What is your One Thing? - In this article, Director of Professional Learning Deepjyot (Deep) Sidhu shares the One Thing approach and ways educators can plan their GOA Professional Learning, providing three choices educators can make to help in building their plan: choosing a competency, choosing a pathway, and choosing to participate.

Creating Pathways for Professional Learning

How do I do this? Watch this video to see how to use GOA's website to choose a pathway.

7) Why Competency-Based Learning?: A Primer on CBL for Families - In this article, Member Engagement Coordinator Lynae Sowinski shares an introduction on competency-based learning (CBL) for families, diving into what it is and sharing insights into the student experience, teaching methods, and assessment.

8) Amplify Student Voices by Journey Mapping Their Experiences - This article, authored by Director of Learning Design Amanda Burch and Kat Siat Muñoz, delves into the foundations of journey mapping. It explores how this approach can be leveraged to ground curriculum design decisions in a learner-centered mindset, sharing a recent example with the mapping of GOA’s student program orientation experience.

9) Use It or Lose It: Making Feedback Work for Students - “How can we design our feedback systems such that students are actively engaging with our feedback in an effort to promote long term learning?” In this article, Kurt Prescott explores three strategies for effective student feedback: using video, feedback capture grids, and learning portfolios.

10) Before, During, and After: Timely Interventions for Effective Feedback - “Effective feedback can powerfully enhance student learning. Yet there is often a gap between teacher practice and insights from the educational literature.” In this article, Andy Housiaux shares his guide on the art of feedback, merging effective interventions from start to finish with research-informed insights that enhance student learning.

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