Impactful and Practical: What to Expect in GOA's Professional Learning Offerings

“GOA has eclipsed 'online learning' because it gets that the human element is always its driving algorithm.” Erin O’ Grady, Greens Farms Academy

GOA’s Professional Learning’s goal is to design and deliver learning experiences that are impactful and practical; to shift educator practice and offer tools and strategies to implement right away. For those who have never engaged with GOA’s Professional Learning, or for those who are interested in learning more, we would love to share with you a small preview of what you might expect when you enroll in one of our learning experiences.

GOA’s Professional Learning reimagines learning to empower educators to thrive in a globally networked society. What does that look like?

1. Alignment

Each of our professional learning offerings is aligned to a set of educator and/or leader competencies. GOA developed these reflection tools to help identify current and enduring competencies - what teachers and leaders know and are able to do - in their practice year after year. These competencies serve as a compass, guiding educators towards continuous growth and development in their teaching and leading practices. You're encouraged to pick a competency that resonates with you, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning journey.

GOA's Educator Competencies

GOA's Leadership Competencies

2. Curation

At GOA, we learn from, engage with, and contribute to thought leadership across the teaching and learning field. We engage with our member schools as learners, highlighting best practices from their schools and classrooms. This leads to highly curated and impactful resources, examples, and ideas. Our professional learning offerings feature helpful playlists that quickly empower educators to move from exploration to action.

3. Design Sprints

Building on the foundation of thought leadership, we facilitate the application of theory to practice through our design sprints. These practical, short, step-by-step processes ensure that our offerings include theoretical insights as well as practical tools and strategies that educators can put to use immediately.

4. Network

What matters most to us at GOA is humanizing learning experiences and connecting with you. Leveraging the power of our online learning environment, we take advantage of the various ways educators can connect, collaborate, and share their progress. Being a part of a member school community of educators means access to ideas from colleagues around the world. In our professional learning experiences, we create the conditions for educators and leaders to showcase their work, seek feedback, and engage in meaningful collaboration and discussion. Our tools make learning visible, mirroring the engaging learning experiences we aim to create for our students.

GOA’s Professional Learning is open to educators, schools, and districts worldwide, offering a variety of courses, cohorts, partnerships, experiences, and events tailored to individuals or school teams. If your school or district is interested in joining our Professional Learning Membership, click here to learn more.

We hope to see you in a GOA Professional Learning offering and look forward to learning from and with you.

GOA serves students, teachers, and leaders and is comprised of member schools from around the world, including independent, international, charter, and public schools. Learn more about Becoming a Member. Our professional learning opportunities are open to any educator or school team. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. To stay up to date on GOA learning opportunities, sign up for our newsletter.

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