What We're Trying with AI, Part 2

Last week we posted on the importance of sharing what we’re doing and trying with AI in our different roles at GOA. When our communities invite showing and telling, we empower one another with strategies that free up time for priorities and/or improve systems and support. We reaffirm the importance of learning from one another. We get to borrow and adapt. We’re continuing that blog conversation we started last week with a few more reflections from the GOA team that we hope offer you helpful next steps:

AI to Support Feedback Loops (5 minute video)

Associate Director of Faculty Experience Glenda Baker offers a tip for using AI as an assistant in summarizing think alouds and offering suggestions for feedback to students. She pairs Loom with ChatGPT. How might her example enhance your feedback workflow?

AI as a Learning Coach (5 minute video)

Associate Director of Professional Learning Amy Choi shares why and how she chooses ChatGPT as her learning coach providing shortcuts to “how tos” for using Google Sheets and her project management platform (Monday.com). Where would a learning coach providing personalized “how tos” help you? Your students?

AI for Innovations (6 minute video)

Director of Operations Lucas Ames shares ways his team is innovating with AI and taking more advanced approaches. For users interested in diving deeper with AI, how might designing a bot support your work in schools? How might AI be a partner in your coding?

We’re committed to continuing to operate from a learning stance. If you’d like to learn with us, consider joining our self-paced AI Essentials for Educators course and/or inquire on in-person AI experiences with GOA. We’d love to learn with you!

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