What We're Trying with AI, Part 1

Educators know that visible demonstrations of learning benefit everyone. Exhibitions of learning, process portfolios, and informal sharing sessions invite audiences to borrow ideas, to affirm inspiration, and to grow in community. In service to those outcomes, and in appreciation for all we’re learning about AI when we meet with others and collaborate together, we want to share some of the ways we’re partnering with AI at GOA. The videos below come with an invitation to adapt approaches to your context and to reach out with your own stories of what’s working for you!

AI for Efficiency (2 minute video)

Director of Communications Bonnie Lathram and Content Marketing Manager John Sember leverage AI for fast data analysis, idea generation, and drafting. How might having ChatGPT open as an assistant to support you throughout your day free up time for other priorities?

AI as a Brainstorming, Curating, and Editing Partner (4 minute video)

Director of Learning and Design Amanda Burch shares how GOA’s Design Lab uses ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner to improve learner experience, Elicit to curate content, and Grammarly as an editorial assistant. How might these approaches inspire how you design for learning?

AI for Data Analysis (6 minute video)

Associate Director of Program Management Shaundel Sanchez shares her approach to using ChatGPT to analyze qualitative data. How might you apply her approach to your own thoughtful data analysis and informed decision making?

We hope your communities are creating opportunities for you to learn from one another on both the small shifts and in-depth impacts that you’re experiencing in partnership with AI. Additionally, join GOA in learning from the AI: Essentials for Educators community and/or invite us to your campus for real-time discoveries together.

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This post is part of our Shifts in Practice series, which features educator voices from GOA’s network and seeks to share practical strategies that create shifts in educator practice. Are you an educator interested in submitting an article for potential publication on our Insights blog? If so, please read Contribute Your Voice to Share Shifts in Practice and follow the directions. We look forward to featuring your voice, insights, and ideas.

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