Student Spotlight: Exploring New Interests and Career Paths

Artem B., a grade 12 student at LEAF Academy, took the GOA Cybersecurity course over the summer and is now taking the Introduction to Branding and Marketing course. With a curiosity for these subjects and a goal of identifying potential college majors, Artem turned to GOA.

Cultivating an Interest

Through his GOA courses, Artem discovered a genuine interest for marketing. He found the branding and marketing course particularly engaging, as it offered hands-on learning experiences relevant to his personal projects. "Each day in the marketing course, I have thought, wow, that is really interesting. Generally, the course is amazing, and I learned a lot of things," he shared.

Gaining Global Perspectives

Artem valued the chance to collaborate with peers from diverse countries during his GOA courses. These interactions allowed him to understand how culture, opinions, and values can influence brand perception worldwide. ”[It is] nice to have some projects with people from different countries,” he shared.

Learning in a Structured Environment

Artem recommends GOA courses for their structured learning environment and opportunities to delve into new subjects. Regarding summer courses, he mentioned, "It is really nice if you have time over the summer to take a course. After these few weeks, you will definitely know a lot more than you did before. [They are] also an amazing opportunity if a student wants to learn something new and not have a full course load burden."

GOA courses offered Artem an invaluable chance to explore his interests and consider potential career paths. His experiences with the Cybersecurity and Introduction to Branding and Marketing courses helped him unearth an interest in marketing, refining his understanding of the field. “I think the GOA course gave me the certainty of what I want to study in university," he reflected.

LEAF Academy, an international boarding high school serving over 110 students aged 14-19 in Bratislava, Slovakia, joined the GOA consortium in 2017.

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