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World Languages

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    June 15 - July 31, 2020 For All Students Register
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    Sept 4 - Dec 20, 2019 For Members Registration closed
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    Jan 15 - May 1, 2020 For Members Register
  • Yearlong

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Arabic Lang. Through Culture II


Students will communicate in spontaneous spoken conversations on familiar topics, including food, weather, and hobbies, using a variety of practiced or memorized words, phrases, simple sentences, and questions.

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Arabic Lang. Through Culture III


Students in Arabic III have demonstrated Intermediate interpersonal proficiency in Arabic (MSA or a dialect) through two years in Arabic Language Through Culture or other coursework.

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Chinese Lang. Through Culture I

Through this introduction to Mandarin Chinese language and culture students will learn the building blocks of spoken and written communication- pronunciation, tones, stroke order and radical recognition.

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Spanish Lang. Through Culture I


This intensive summer course will give students with no prior exposure to Spanish the vocabulary, grammatical background and communicative skills that they need to jump into Spanish 2 at their schools.

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