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Arabic Language Through Culture II

  • Yearlong 2023-2024

    Aug 30, 2023-April 26, 2024 For Members Register

Course Overview

This course (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite to Arabic III at GOA. Arabic II students have taken one year of Arabic Language Through Culture or have demonstrated novice proficiency where they are able to communicate in spontaneous spoken conversations on familiar topics, including food, weather, and hobbies, using a variety of practiced or memorized words, phrases, simple sentences, and questions.

Students review the first three units of the book Al-Kitaab as well as most of the Arabic foundations that they took in the previous year, starting with the alphabet and ending with how to write a sentence and even a paragraph. Students also work on other skills such as reading and speaking through using different real-life situations that they would need to use Arabic in, most importantly the conversation.

They also work on building students’ vocabulary bank in many topics such as introducing themselves, ordering food, describing the weather, and talking about clothes. Moreover, they discuss travel and trips, their country, health, and plans and goals for the future. And finally, they talk about how to tell a story.

This yearlong course focuses on Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and some of the spoken dialects of the Levant and Egypt. With an emphasis on Arabic culture, and engaging with group work with their peers from around the globe. They have the opportunity to finish units 4-8 from Al-Kitaab and to learn the language in highly interactive activities and cultural contexts.

Prerequisite: Arabic Language Through Culture I or permission from the instructor

NCAA-approved course

UC-approved course

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