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Japanese Language Through Culture II

  • Yearlong 2024-2025

    Aug 28, 2024-April 25, 2025 For Members Register

Course Overview

This course (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite to Japanese III at GOA. Through language learning, students in this course share their voices, cultivate global perspectives, and foster an appreciation for self and others. Students further develop the speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills introduced in Japanese Language Through Culture I.

Each unit follows the IPA model (Integrated Performance Assessment), blending three modes of communication: interpretation of authentic material in Japanese, synchronous and asynchronous practice in speaking and writing, and oral and written presentations. Each unit focuses on one of the following cultural topics: design and expression, ecology, entertainment, East meets West, harmony, and nature. In addition, students have the opportunity to select and pursue topics of their own interest.

Grammar topics cover the essential forms that are typically introduced in the second and third year of a high school Japanese program. By learning the dictionary form, nominalizer, TE form, TA form, NAI form, and noun modifier, students are able to add more complexity to their sentence construction. In doing so, they shift from forming simple sentences to communicating in coherent paragraphs.

As online learners, students are expected to exhibit superb time management and communication skills, as well as take ownership of their learning. While grammar instruction is delivered through asynchronous work and face-to-face meetings, much of the course content is curated and created by students through their research and collaboration. The focus of this course is 60 percent on language and 40 percent on culture.

Prerequisite: Japanese Language Through Culture I or permission from the instructor

Students in GOA courses will need reliable access to a computer with webcam/microphone connections, an email address (preferably school-based), a Web-conferencing app (GOA courses use Zoom), and a Word processing app (GOA courses use Google’s G Suite). When necessary, alternative arrangements may be made.

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