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Japanese Language Through Culture III

  • Yearlong 2024-2025

    Aug 28, 2024-April 25, 2025 For Members Register

Course Overview

Students in Japanese III have mastered most of the conjugation patterns (TE/TA form, dictionary form, and NAI form) that are necessary to speak and write in complex structures.

While advancing their grammatical knowledge, students compare and examine similar functions and their subtle differences. In speaking, students are allowed to speak in an informal/casual style with each other and with the teacher in order to solidify their control of the Plain Form.

Interpersonal communications are done through face-to-face conversation and recorded messages. In reading and listening, students curate, share, and practice grasping the gist of authentic materials. Materials may include TV commercials, news, movies, children’s books, online newspapers, and cooking recipes. In Semester 2, students participate in the GOA Catalyst Exhibition.

Prerequisite: Japanese Language Through Culture I and II or permission from the instructor

Students in GOA courses will need reliable access to a computer with webcam/microphone connections, an email address (preferably school-based), a Web-conferencing app (GOA courses use Zoom), and a Word processing app (GOA courses use Google’s G Suite). When necessary, alternative arrangements may be made.

NCAA-approved course

UC-approved course

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