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Algebra I

  • Summer 2024

    June 17, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024 For All Students Register

Course Overview

This intensive seven-week summer course is engineered to fast-track your journey through the foundational Algebra I curriculum, and to lay a strong foundation for a successful transition from middle school into high-school Algebra. Students in this course will master key algebraic concepts such as linear equations and systems of linear equations. In addition, students will be exposed to inequalities, functions, and polynomials (including quadratics).

Students will be guided through solving equations, understanding the properties of numbers, and grasping the intricacies of mathematical relationships. Special emphasis is placed on mastering basic operations with polynomials, understanding the coordinate plane, and tackling word problems that translate into algebraic equations.

To ensure you're set up for higher-level math, we'll also lay the groundwork for Algebra II topics, such as quadratic equations and systems of equations. Alongside the subject matter, the course aims to cultivate analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills, crucial for your future studies in STEM.

Given the accelerated pace, be prepared to put in 16-20 hours a week. This course condenses a year's worth of material into a seven-week sprint, so buckle up!

At the end of the course, the Algebra I teachers will make a recommendation to a student’s home institution as to whether the student has mastered the key competencies of Algebra I.

Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra or equivalent

Students in GOA courses will need reliable access to a computer with webcam/microphone connections, an email address (preferably school-based), a Web-conferencing app (GOA courses use Zoom), and a Word processing app (GOA courses use Google’s G Suite). When necessary, alternative arrangements may be made.

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