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  • Summer 1 2023

    June 15, 2023 - Aug 2, 2023 For All Students Register
  • Summer 2 2023

    July 6, 2023-Aug 23, 2023 For All Students Register

Course Overview

In this intensive summer course, students deepen and apply their understanding of mathematics in order to be prepared for higher-level courses. The emphasis is on understanding functions, including transformations, domain/range, and visual representations. In addition, students deepen their understanding of the concept of equivalence through numerical, graphical, and algebraic representations. This includes developing fluency with algebraic manipulation.

Much of the work involves problem solving and the application of previous and current skills to new situations. Projects include opportunities to apply topics such as polynomials, matrices, trigonometry, and sequences and series to real-world scenarios. Students analyze situations, create models, develop solutions to problems, and then reflect on this work. The course culminates in a project that provides students a chance to explore a situation and bring to bear the skills they have learned to analyze it and present their understanding of the situation.

This course is intended for students who are looking to accelerate through a Precalculus course and, as such, concepts and topics are presented quickly allowing for time to apply the skills to novel situations. This course replicates what is typically a yearlong course, so students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week during the seven-week summer session.

Prerequisite: Algebra 2 or its equivalent

This is a new course that GOA is currently developing. Course Outline will be available shortly.

NCAA-approved course

UC-approved course

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