Course Overview

This intensive summer course is designed to provide an accelerated path through the traditional high school geometry curriculum. Focusing on Euclidian geometry, students examine topics relating to parallel lines, similar and congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and circles.

Students can expect to analyze lengths, areas, and volumes of two- and three-dimensional figures and explore transformations and other manipulations. Particular attention is paid to introductory trigonometry with right triangles and the study of circles (radians, sectors, arc length, etc). In addition, the development of a mature, logical thought process will begin through a formal introduction to arguments, deductions, theorems, and proofs.

Because this course covers topics that are typically presented in a yearlong course, students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week during the intensive seven-week summer session.

Prerequisite: A strong background in Algebra 1 or its equivalent

Students in GOA courses will need reliable access to a computer with webcam/microphone connections, an email address (preferably school-based), a Web-conferencing app (GOA courses use Zoom), and a Word processing app (GOA courses use Google’s G Suite). When necessary, alternative arrangements may be made.

NCAA-approved course

UC-approved course

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