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Mathematics & Technology

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CS I: Computational Thinking

Summer, Semester 1, Semester 2

This introductory level course focuses on thinking like a computer scientist, especially understanding how computer scientists define and solve problems.

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CS II: Game Design & Development

Semester 2

Comprised of a series of "game jams," the course asks students to solve problems and create content, developing the design and technical skills necessary to build their own games.

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CS II: Java

Summer, Semester 2

This course teaches students how to write programs in the Java programming language.

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Game Theory

Semester 2

Do you play games? Ever wonder if you’re using “the right” strategy? What makes one strategy better than another? In this course, we’ll explore a branch of mathematics known as game theory, which answers these questions and many more.

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Linear Algebra

Semester 2

In this course you will learn about the algebra of vector spaces and matrices by looking at how images of objects in the plane and space are transformed in computer graphics.

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Multivariable Calculus


In this course students learn to differentiate and integrate functions of several variables. We extend the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to multiple dimensions, and the course will culminate in Green's, Stokes' and Gauss' Theorems.

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Number Theory

Summer, Semester 1

Once thought of as the purest but least applicable part of mathematics, number theory is now by far the most commonly applied: every one of the millions of secure internet transmissions occurring each second is encrypted using ideas from number theory.

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