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Capitalism: Past, Present & Future

  • Semester 2 2023-2024

    Jan 10, 2024-April 26, 2024 For Members Register

Course Overview

In some circles, capitalism has been blamed for most of society’s ills. In others, it has been credited with the grandest achievements in human history. In this course, students examine advocates from both circles, looking closely at the components of capitalism — and other systems of economic and social control — to decide what they think. As students build their own philosophies around capitalism, they work collaboratively and independently on case studies, exploring examples of capitalism around the world and in the world around us.

Throughout the course, students immerse themselves in the history of various forms of capitalism, learning the specific components of capitalism. Students investigate how capitalism has impacted social, political, and economic systems around the world.

The final project requires students to pull from historical and modern case studies to present a coherent portfolio of their thinking. Students also create a proposal for articulating shifts as we look to the future of capitalism.

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