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  • Semester 1 2022-2023

    Aug 31, 2022-Dec 16, 2022 For Members Register
  • Semester 2 2022-2023

    Jan 11, 2023-April 28, 2023 For Members Register

Course Overview

Neuropsychology is the exploration of the neurological basis of behavior. Within this course, students will learn about basic brain anatomy and function as well as cognitive and behavioral disorders from a neurobiological perspective. They will do an in-depth analysis of neural communication with an emphasis on how environmental factors such as smartphones affect nervous system function, their own behaviors, and the behaviors of those around them. Students will also have the opportunity to choose topics in neuropsychology to explore independently including Alzheimer’s disease, Addiction, Neuroplasticity, and CTE and share their understanding with their peers in a variety of formats. The course concludes with a study of both contemporary and historic neuropsychological case studies and their applications to everyday life.

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